Do you know how to negotiate? Make money on this!
Conclude contracts for the installation of a power bank rental station and get income every month.
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Earn monthly 10% from each contract
You negotiate with locations and get money for it - it's simple!
Do you know how to sell?
If you already have experience in B2B sales, you will start making money faster.
Looking for passive income?
The more contracts you sign, the more money you will receive monthly.
Get income from every installed charging station
You agree with the location on the installation of the TIK TO GO station, sign the contract and control the installation. Then you get a monthly percentage of the earnings of each station.
Control the profitability of stations and change their locations to earn more!
Our stations are installed in:
Restaurants, bars and hookah bars
Shopping centers
Anti-cafe, game bars
Coworking spaces
Beauty salons and barbershops
Hotels and hostels
Educational institutions
Gas stations and car services
Public and private services
Exhibition centers and conference rooms
Train stations and airports
Trains and buses
How it works
Find a place
Your task: to convince the owner of the establishment of the need for the station and agree on the installation.
Sign a contract
Conclude an agreement with the location and become a contact person for the owner of the establishment.
Set up a station
You monitor the installation and check the status of the station during subsequent revisions.
Conduct an audit
After one and three weeks, you need to look into the institution and find out if the station is in demand.
Get money
While the station is in the institution, you are guaranteed to receive 10% of its income every month.
Change location
See station analytics in the app. You can change their locations to increase your income.
~1500 UAH

Your monthly profit from 10 stations
~15,000 UAH

Your monthly profit from 100 stations
~25,000 UAH

Your profits are constantly monitored
What the station looks like
Shape: square
Sizes, cm: 30x26x19
Connection standard: 220W
Powerbank slots: 12
Energy consumption: ~ 10kW = 22 UAH / month

It is best to place the station in a conspicuous place: at the entrance, at the reception or on the bar counter. She needs a little space and easy access to an outlet.
There is a rental of power banks by QR code. Detailed instructions are posted on the building so that the customers of the institution can do everything on their own.
Our stations are already here
Coverage map
Gadgets are charging - you earn!
Our plan is to place more than 2,000 stations throughout Ukraine.
More stations - more profit.